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Our Story

Inspired by Free Store's & Food Rescues in other parts of NZ, we opened our doors in 2017. 

In CHB there is good food & good people, but there is also food insecurity. 

We approached local Supermarkets, food producers & suppliers who stepped up as donors and supporters of our kaupapa.  A team of fantastic volunteers put their hands up to do the mahi & began by collecting, sorting & redistributing donated food through our daily sessions CHB-wide.


As well as donated food we encourage our community to share their knowledge, skills and surplus fruit/veges/plants with our community.

Sharing good, nutritious, culturally appropriate food to anyone without exception or discrimination is what we do - you can help the environment by becoming a part of our initiative! 

Everyone is welcome to contribute and benefit from The Food Basket CHB.

Our Waipukurau HQ is located in the CHB community rooms, Kitchener Street (stone gateway opposite service lane) & we have sattelite sessions throughout our district.

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