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Weekly Food Box

The Food Basket CHB is a Food Rescue & Free-Store

we collect surplus food 7 days a week from local stores,

receive bulk shipments of donated food during the week &

collect, sort & welcome donations of wonderful home-grown

produce from our generous community every day

our system is simple - what we get in, we share out 

Why ? to reduce food waste & increase food security in CHB.

We've adapted & changed our method of distribution many times

to keep delivering a nutritious food supply through the many

restrictions and challenges we have all faced.  Thank you for working 

with our volunteers to make TFB a place for us all to connect & thrive.


How it works : 


                                 Choose a session from our schedule that works best for you                                         Come along and pick up a box (or BYO bag) of assorted food                                         You are able to choose the right kai for you  

                                 Bring your own surplus kai or fruit & veges to share !

                                         Everyone is welcome to pop in for some extra's from other sessions...just let

                                                 our staff know you're getting a 'Top-up' today (for our stats record)

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